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In partnership with Lucky Technology, one of the leading biometrics manufacturer in the world, NeraTech has since 2003 been providing to its customers state-of-the-art biometrics time attendance and Access control systems.

NeraTech as been installing the iGuard systems as Time Attendance System  as well as Access Control Security System at banks, schools, hospitals, international cooperation agencies, government offices, manufacturing companies and small businesses since 2003.

Labeled has one of the best system in the industry, the iGuard has a

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Built-in Web Server:

The built-in Web Server enables all the computers in the corporate network to directly & simultaneously access the device using any Internet Browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer & Netscape Navigator. Different computer platforms such as Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows & Linux machines can access the device. No additional software is required.

So whether you are in an airport lounge or a hotel room, you can always check if your employees are already in the office or not, and you can even control, modify or disable their access rights to your office remotely via internet connection.

Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor:

Instead of using the traditional optical scanner, iGuard is the first Fingerprint Biometrics Security System that uses the most advanced Solid-state, silicon-based Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor. The new fingerprint sensor features enhanced imaging capabilities, electrostatic discharge (ESD) performance and improved ruggedness to provide superior levels of accuracy and reliability for fingerprint authentication.
When a finger contacts the iGuard sensor surface, the sensor measures the capacitance at each pixel in the 256 x 300 array in the sensor's surface. Differences in capacitance correspond to the ridges, valleys and pores that characterize a unique fingerprint.

The new fingerprint sensor eliminates the limitations of other traditional scanners, including edge distortion, low-image resolution, scratched platens, misaligned optics and bulky size. It is also unaffected by day to day fingerprint variations such as cuts, swelling & dirt.

Secure Access:

Network integrity and security are ensured via SSL network encryption (optional).

Built-in Database Server:

The built-in Database Server allows obtaining the employee information and the access & attendance records easily, thus cutting the processing time for jobs like payroll calculation from days to minutes.

All the information is real-time information, instead of week-old or day-old data. In contrast, other systems must use dedicated computers running special proprietary software to retrieve the information, and usually dedicated persons are required to perform the jobs.

iGuard™ Super Master is a back-end server of iGuard. With SuperMaster installed, the maximum no. of users of iGuard Master / Slave network will be increased to 5000 or up. And, Super Master is desinged base on the iGuard patented embedded Web Server technologies, which enables all computers, such as Apple Macintosh, PCs & Unix machines, in the corporate computer network to setup, maintain and access the information of the device simultaneously using the well-known Internet Browser. 

Contactless Mifare Smart Card:

With this feature, your workforce can gain access to the iGuard faster and smarter, by using the Philips Mifare Contactless Smart Card. Each user would have his / her own smart card, which stores the user information including the name, company & branch code, and the fingerprint information. This feature is specially useful during high-traffic period, such as during the beginning and the end of the day, that most employees clock in and out for the day at almost the same time.

Additionally, this method will also allow you to use Multi-Factor authentication to identify the individual. Using the smart card as the statement of user identity and as the matching medium increases security and lowers matching time on the server thus improving speed and performance.

Security: IG-ER-01

The IG-ER-01 Secure Strike Relay controller further increases the security level by controlling the door strike from inside of the premises. With this optional controller, the iGuard sends a special signal to this controller to open the door, rather than directly open the door with the internal relay. Because this optional controller is installed inside the premises, it is now impossible for the intruders to get into the premises, even if they destroy the iGuard.

iGuard has been a trademark of  Lucky Technology Limited since 2003 under the US patent number 6,643,779.

For system installation and configuration, please contact our sales department for a site visit and evaluation.