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We carry a wide range of cameras ranging from IP to CCTV cameras for indoor and outdoor surveillance as well as hiden/covered cameras.

Whatever are your needs, NeraTech can provide the solution (s) and answer (s) to your problems.

Whether you are looking for a security system with a Digital Video Recorder or VCR, or you want a a security system that is network compatible, the bundles are the solutions for you.

Our bundle Systems of 4 or 8 or 16 indoor/outdoor cameras  features  channel digital video recorder. These systems are equipped with DVR and are network capable for remote access via web browser. Triplex operation are included to record and playback simultaneous live viewing. Plus, CD burners have been included for archiving.

These bundle offer a full range of security systems for home protection or protection from theft for your business.

The digital video recorder will record video input from the security cameras connected to this unit (up to 16 cameras). It will provide rock solid, easy to use performance which makes it ideal for multi camera law enforcement, industrial, commercial, and individual applications. With up to 16 cameras connected to the DVR, you can monitor all locations on a television or VGA monitor.

With the RJ45 connection, you can even monitor remotely from anywhere through LAN or Internet.
The MPEG4 video format gives longer recording time and still gets great picture quality. The digital Network DVR can support up to 4 internal hard drives to be installed, and even a built-in DVD burner.

Indoor camera
Outdoor Camera
Bundle (cameras & DVR)

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